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What is virtual art?

What is considered the first virtual reality installation with real-time dynamic architecture?

What is one potential downside of virtual art?

What is an important (ethical) question to reflect on regarding AI-generated art?

Are designs considered to be intellectual works? Are they protected by copyright?

How long does copyright protect your intellectual property in the EU?

After creating a literacy, scientific or artistic work, do we automatically benefit from copyright protection?

What does NFT stand for?

What are the three most common benefits for artists using NFTs?

Which are the basic digital platforms I need to open and use NFTs to deal with them?

Name three important regulations listed in the module you need to know when operating via NFTs

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and fiat money

Why is important to decide before your operative system?

Why do you need to implement Tamper-detection software?

Why is it important to develop a mockup?

Why is it important to provide good Customer Service and Support?

Why you need to promote your social profile periodically?

Why is it important to keep your offline and online sells together?

What is one of the main benefits of promoting art virtually?

What should be considered when choosing a website builder?

What is the first step in setting up your own art website according to the module?

Which of the following is a limitation of free website builders?

Social Media

In order to boost my self-promotion

Read this post and tell why it is a post that can increase the engagement with the audience on Social Media

What is a crucial aspect for establishing effective communication in collaborative online work?

Why is it important to foster a positive team culture in collaborative online work?

What does the implementation of agile project management principles involve in collaborative online work?

Virtually all computers are constantly connected to the Internet. What dangers does this pose? (several answers possible)

What are the digital vulnerability types?

Which of the following cyberattacks occur via email?

Which of the following is not a way to keep your online data safe?

What does the data subject mean according to the GDPR?

What is the main feature of Blockchain that ensures its transparency and security?

In which sector can Blockchain solve the problem of food hygiene scandals by enabling complete traceability?

What current technical limitation prevents the mass adoption of Blockchain for large-scale transactions?

How can Blockchain help an artist ensure fair remuneration for their works?

You have decided to open your own website to promote your art and you would like to implement an online shop to sell your art pieces. What’s your next step?

You want to make your website trustworthy when customers purchase from you, how do you do it?

You have to decide the pricing of your products sold on eBay

How do you stand out in the crowded marketplace of Etsy?

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