T11 – Learning to learn


Today the learning process is developing in new ways. New approaches to learning are underpinned by research on cognitive learning and the convergence of different theories about the nature and context of learning. 

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through study, teaching and experience. Autonomy is understood as the ability of an individual to choose what is valuable to them and gives them a sense of self-fulfilment. Bearing in mind the meaning of these two words we must ask ourselves what is autonomous learning? This question must be answered by clarifying that it is a process that enables the individual to be the author of their own development. One individually chooses the strategies, the tools and the most appropriate time to learn. Equally, it is the individual who decides when it is time to put what they have learned into practice. It is therefore a voluntary and intentional intellectual process. It is an intentional personal effort to work through a sequence of information that makes up a field of knowledge. 

The common characteristics of an autonomous learner are as follows: The individual knows themselves and therefore knows what their strengths and weaknesses regarding the learning process are. In addition, they are self-critical, self-evaluated and self-motivated, make decisions and have the initiative to make changes, are organised, responsible and know how to make the most of their time (Bravo, Loor and Saldarriaga, 2017, 36). The foundation of student autonomy is learning to learn as a result of the knowledge they have of their cognitive process. 

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Link: How To Find Your Learning Style.


  • Improve learning by thinking about learning by Todd Zakrajsek (TEDxUNC)

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYg3sLcyLB8

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