T2 – Basics in Marketing for Artists


Entrepreneurial measures and decisions that an artist will have when there is interest to sell and promote his/ her artwork might need a different approach when it comes to marketing them. For companies e.g. marketing is the orientation towards the needs of a market with the goal of meeting the expectations of customers. This approach might not correspond to artists that become creative to express themselves, follow their creativity.

Marketing, however, also has the aim to position products and services in a market, offering them in a way that buyers/ clients / customers perceive them as desirable. Interpreting marketing this way might help artists better find themselves addressed. It should help them think of a branding strategy, as a long-term plan.

Marketing in the end can be seen to do something that helps the artist sell his/ her art work, performance, creative work.

Today, there are certainly digital tools and channels to be considered, but these will be explored in other courses of the Paint the Bit project (e.g. look into “Use of social media and platforms to promote/ sell own artwork”, “Creation of a website (and other digital tools for own artwork”, “E-distribution of artwork”, “App design and development”). In this course, we concentrate on art relevant marketing basics and marketing trends today in the art business. 

This module focuses on getting some hands on learning opportunities with examples that can help to promote own art work

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Find here a review on some books for artists that help you better understand marketing issues:  


Learn about selling your art work online following the podcast: 


  • Which Marketing Strategies Should I Use To Market My Art? by Sophie Mahir

Sophie Mahir is a teacher, coach and also an artist herself. With her Youtube channel she wants to help her artist colleagues with everything around artists’ startups and marketing. 

The video highlights 10 marketing strategies that artists can use to market their work.

Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hop_fZZz-r8 

  • Simple Art Marketing Plan by Sophie Mahir

In this video, Sophie Mahir talks about 9 steps to come up with a marketing plan for artists, such as goal setting, but also finding out more about the target audience.Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXxHdgHWvQQ

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