T3 – Business Management for Artists


Business Management is the field of business activities and responsibilities related to the management of an enterprise. Among these, the main ones are:

  • pplanning
  • implementation of strategies
  • monitoring of results
  • the organisation of the holding
  • the assignment of tasks ai sub-alterni

Having the right skills in business management is essential to analysze some of the managerial dynamics and, at the same time, reflect on the changes that characterize the scenario within which we live.

In anAn increasingly dynamic, unstable and challenging scenario, managing your resources in a strategic way becomes essential and identifying which organiszational assets to invest in is essential. Short termBeing effectiveness and sustainabilitysustainable in the short term becomes unsustainable in the medium to long term. NotIt is not only important the direction in which we proceed is important, the speed makes the difference.

Being late or being in step with contingent changes is no longer sustainable. Having excellent resources and being a good manager is no longer enough. You need to be a good leader and know how to invest your resourceswhat you have to make a difference.

This has to be done wWithout neglecting a very important aspect, i.e. knowing how to interact actively and proactively with the environment and create a process of development and progress inon the medium to long term.

SIn summary:

  • Change. Today change is no longer a choice but a necessity and a priority. Change can no longer be a response to a situation, it must be a strategic action able to anticipate future needs and challenges.
  • Human resource. The human resource is the real strategic asset of a system, the resource that, precisely because unique and unrepeatable, is able to make a real difference and requires a transition from a short-term management perspective to a centredcentered approach.
  • Attitude. Attitude determines the results that each of us achieve andgets, is the key to the success of our actions.

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  • Entrepreneurial Artist Lessons from Highly Successful Creatives by Aaron P. Dworkin

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