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NFTs are being used for a variety of digital art forms, such as digital paintings, 3D models, virtual world assets, music, videos, and even non-fungible tokens themselves. 

An example case of an artist using NFTs is musician 3LAU. 3LAU has been using NFTs to sell limited edition artwork, soundscapes and videos. By using a decentralised platform, 3LAU can quickly and easily turn his work into tangible commodities and ensure scarcity, which gives each item he produces a unique value. Thus, his audience is able to truly own his work, furthering his brand and giving him more control of his art.

Some other artists you might know or follow (now) using NFTs already are:

  • Digital Paintings: Kei Meguro.
  • 3D Models: Dermot Summers.
  • Virtual World Assets: Luis Scheonhoven.
  • Music: Mike Shinoda.
  • Videos: Ryan Connolly.

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  • Find an interesting article published in 2022 in the NY times: 

One Year After Beeple, the NFT Has Changed Artists. Has It Changed Art? by Blake Gopnik



  • Here you find podcasts, particularly also for beginners in NFTs: 


  • Beeple explains the absurdity of NFTs:

US artist and computer scientist Mike Winkelmann is known by his stage name Beeple. In 2021, his digital image “Everydays: the First 5000 Days,” which shows 5000 pop culture images he created and strung together, was auctioned via NFT. This put him in the top three most expensive living artists. 

The video tells his story, but also explains the world of NFT technology.

  • How to Make Your Art Into an NFT:

Social Guide’s YouTube channel offers easy-to-follow tutorials on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, among other things. 

This video shows a simple and helpful tutorial on “How To Make Your Art Into An NFT”. 

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