We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of esteemed partners from across Europe in our “Paint the Bit” project. Each partner brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to advancing the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) in a digital age. Together, we are working towards innovative and inclusive solutions that address the evolving needs of the market.

E-Juniors (France)


E-Juniors aims to bridge the digital divide by offering young people, particularly those who are digitally excluded, opportunities to enhance their digital skills. Through various activities, E-Juniors encourages productive use of free time, inspires creativity, and enhances vocational skills to facilitate labor market inclusion. They have extensive experience in European projects, promoting digital and entrepreneurial skills among youth.

Centro Studi Città di Foligno Associazione (Italy)


This training agency, founded in 2000, focuses on providing high-quality education and training, particularly for disadvantaged groups. Their work spans digital mapping, augmented reality for artistic purposes, and the promotion of cultural heritage. They have a robust background in managing European projects and fostering social inclusion through education.

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH (Austria)


BEST offers continuous training, vocational qualification, and career services. They specialize in innovative training programs tailored to the needs of the labor market and individual learners. With over 15,000 learners annually and a large network, BEST is a key player in vocational education, particularly for disadvantaged and migrant populations.

In Progress (Spain)


In Progress is a non-profit organization dedicated to social commitment, training, and education. They create international and intercultural opportunities for young people, aiming to enhance their personal and professional development. Their expertise includes digital content creation, social media management, and organizing large-scale educational events.

CSI Center for Social Innovation Ltd (Cyprus)


CSI is a research and development organization focused on fostering social innovation to address local and global challenges. Their team of researchers, educators, and IT developers work on projects related to social justice, digital transformation, and sustainable development. CSI excels in creating tailored solutions that promote social and economic integration.

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