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About the module

This module focuses on the concept of the intellectual protection of art, a good solution for players in the cultural and creative sector. 

IP Protection concepts are a modern, digital solution for protecting the work produced. It is a set of tools that can protect intellectual property online. It’s important to pay attention to the fact that the legislation may change. 

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Different tools for protecting intellectual property 
  • Some of the most important actions
  • Some tips on how to combat theft 
  • The basics on how to protect intellectual property online 
  • The concepts of responsibility, protection and combating theft

The aim of this module is not to make you an expert. Rather, it is intended to introduce you to a concept that can simplify your life and help protect the fruits of your labour. 

It will provide you with the notions you need to understand the concept as a whole, as well as the various tools that have been put in place as part of the intellectual property concept that may be useful to you, and how to use them.

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  • Artists, Artworks and Intellectual Property in an Electronic Environment by Leach, Dawn M

“The ideas behind Ethereum in the words of its founder, describing a radical vision for more than a digital currency-reinventing organisations, economics, and democracy itself in the age of the internet. Only nineteen years old, Vitalik Buterin published a visionary paper outlining the ideas behind what would become Ethereum. He proposed to take whatBitcoin did for currency – to end the central control of governments and corporations – and apply it to society as a whole.”


  • Protecting IP — and People’s Dreams — Through Collaboration and Anti-Counterfeiting by Branddy Spence

“In this episode, Branddy speaks to Allison Cunningham, Program Manager, Strategy at IACC. During the episode, they talk about the ways IP protection keeps consumers safe and dreams protected, the current state of IP and how it is adapting to technological advances, and advice for those wanting to succeed with their IP protection strategy.”


  • The Artist’s Guide to Copyright and IP by Jazza

An illustrated guide to understand IP protection and Copyright in the specific field of creation.

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJmv8v-QI7w  

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